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Hillcrest Labs launches ‘industrial grade sensor for consumer products’

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Robotics & Automation News (7/1/17)

Hillcrest says its new FSM300 delivers industrial-grade sensor fusion accuracy at prices suitable for consumer products with “four times greater accuracy versus competitor solutions in some tests”. The FSM300 is what’s called a attitude and heading reference system, which is a sensor system, and an inertial measurement unit, which like a gyroscope. Hillcrest Labs, a subsidiary of InterDigital, says the FSM300 is a cost effective and low power AHRS/IMU module that delivers the sensor fusion accuracy of industrial-grade sensor technologies at a price point suitable for consumer applications. With 0.5° per minute heading drift and 1.0° orientation accuracy in a very low power device, the FSM300 sets a new price/performance, according to Hillcrest.

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