Application Resources

Arm-Powered Sensor Fusion
Nov 2018

From game consoles to smart TV remote controls to, more recently, smartphones, sensor fusion has been used to create more intuitive and fun interactions for consumer electronics. Hillcrest has been a pioneer in this space for over a decade, developing proprietary signal processing techniques to transform human movement into high quality, application-ready motion information using MEMS inertial and magnetic sensors.

3D Mouse Cursor Control for Smart TV Applications
Oct 2013

This document explains the foundations of 3D mouse cursor control for Smart TV applications. More specifically, it describes the 4 most important considerations for cursor control:

– The development of the PC mouse and the optimization for GUI navigation

– Specific considerations of the air-mouse and the living room environment

– Absolute Pointing use cases

– Freespace optimizations for Smart TV applications

Pointing on TV: A Comparative Study of Touch vs. Motion
Oct 2013

As demand for Internet content on television increases, service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers need alternative technologies to the traditional up/down/left/right remote control in order to delight consumers with new interactive experiences on TV. This paper describes why pointing is the right solution for controlling the TV experience, and compares two technologies that enable pointing remote controls: touchpad and motion control. A series of studies compare these two methods of pointing for two common use-cases: navigation and casual gaming. Results show that pointing by motion is superior to pointing with touchpad for both use-cases.